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We aim to enliven ancient sciences for better health


Benefiting Health

Ayurveda and Yoga can better maintain good health as compared to other approaches

Scientifically approved

Every product is scientifically approved and holds its genesis in Indian herbs

All-purpose products

SUBSTANTIAL HERBS aims to fulfill an average individual's health needs, hence targets overall health betterment.

Ancient science meets modern outlook Benefiting Health

We have all the comforts and luxuries within our reach in this dazzling modern era. But what we have unintentionally lost is the ancient old mantra for good health. We have all of it in our Indian age-old texts, and that’s what we aim to revive back.

SUBSTANTIAL HERBS, in an attempt to blend the old traditions with modern technologies, has successfully found the keys to good health—Ayurveda and Yoga.

The science was always hidden in our long ancient scriptures; we just managed to get them back on track. The experts team of SUBSTANTIAL HERBS has researched and re-discovered the hidden secrets lying in Ayurveda.

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